The Venerable Bees


Here at A Space 2 Grow we have been borrowing colonies of bees from our bee keeping mentor Ian Campbell. Well, last Sunday these borrowed bees were returned and today two colonies of bees arrived from Stamfordham bees

The colonies come in these polystyrene nucleus boxes containing a queen (marked with a yellow dot), some worker and drone bees, some eggs and larvae, and a bit of honey to get them started. 

Ian Campbell has been teaching us how to keep bees, is the Vice Chair of Newcastle Bee Keeping Association and helped transport and get the new bees on site. 

Bees have very good internal maps of the world and use landmarks to find their way back to their home hive. Therefor you either move bees just a few feet or over three miles to stop them getting confused. Luckily we were moving the bees considerably further and the move initially looks successful. 

The bees showed some initial confusion, but once the queen scent is picked up the bees found their way into the hive. When some bees find the hive entrance they then open a gland on the end of their body called the Nasonov glandand fan scent into the air. This attacts the bees to the hive. 

The aim for this year is to build the strength of these colonies up so they can survive winter. 


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