Bee feeding time 

The bees have been living at A Space 2 Grow for a couple of days now and one of the things they require is feeding. When a colony is at full strength bees are normally self sufficient and can forage enough pollen and nectar to feed them all. However, when you purchase colonies in the way we have they come quite small and so need a bit of help to get the colony properly established. 

I have made up some bee food from 1kg of sugar dissolved in 1l of water and this has been placed in feeders that sit on top of the colony. 

The bees come up through the hole in the top of the hive and into the feeder to drink the sugar syrup. We will keep feeding them until the colony is able to forage enough food to support itself. 

It was good to see a few bees going in and out of the hive and it suggests they are settling in nicely to their new home. Though still being small colonies the hive entrances are not that busy. 

The first inspection will be early next week when we will know for sure how they are finding things. 


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