About A Space 2 Grow

Here are a few Questions & Answers:

Q: What is A Space 2 Grow?


Volunteers at a bulb planting event Nov 2015

A: A group of volunteers that have worked together to create a community garden near the centre of Sunderland. It is a place of quiet beauty and also a place to grow vegetables, fruit and we even keep bees!

Q: Can I help out or get involved

A: Yes  – we have regular volunteer sessions on Saturdays and we hope to start midweek sessions soon. For updates see our facebook page

Q: What can I do there?   A: Lots or just relax and enjoy the space! 


  • Just come and enjoy the garden or come for a natter – we are a social bunch.
  • Learn about growing veg, herbs and fruit.
  • Help with watering, planting and sowing.
  • Help us run volunteer sessions, raise money or pass on gardening skills.
  • Help with running activities for school groups or students.

Q: Where is it?

P1000217 (1)

A: Next to St Peters church , opposite the University of Sunderland’s St Peters campus. This is a very special site as it’s history goes back to the 7th century when Benedict Biscop set up a monastery here.

If you have a question just leave a comment. You can also get in touch via www.facebook.com/aspace2grow or twitter @aspace2grow


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